State department of insurance fund of the documentation
Address: Street of October revolution, 139, Kharkov, 61157
Tel/fax: (057) 712-44-05
Director:: Vladimir Stepanenko
Deputy Director: Oleg Surkov
Deputy Director Ц the head of department of conducting the state registers, monitoring and the scientific policy: Andrey Melenets
Deputy Director Ц the head of department of strategy of development, industrial activity and the economic analysis: Sergey Kumpan
Operative person: (057) 712-44-05
Department of monitoring, the scientific policy and office-work (reception of the information on incoming documents/outcoming documents).
Department of conducting the state registers and information protection (reception of the information concerning certification of potentially dangerous objects and delivery of the Certificate on object registration in the State register of potentially dangerous objects).
Department of strategy of development and industrial activity (reception of the information concerning delivery of the Certificate (Inquiry) of a bookmark of the design (working) documentation in insurance fund of the documentation of Ukraine).
State technical inspection: (057) 712-00-40