Components of creation of insurance fund of the documentation of Ukraine

Components of creation of insurance fund of the documentation of Ukraine:
IFD for the organization of manufacture of defensive, mobilization and economic appointment, which is created on products and objects:
- Oboronno-industrial complex (the aviation, ship-building industry, manufacture, operation and arms repair);
- Mechanical engineering of all industries;
- Iron and steel industry;
- The industries on manufacture of radio electronics, communication facilities, electrical engineers, instrument making;
- Mountain-mining industry;
- Chemical industry;
- Industry of building materials;
- Light industry;
- Products of the paper industry and the processing equipment;
- Foodstuffs manufacture:
- The baking industry;
- Manufacture and spirit processing;
- Wine industry;
- Canning industry;
- Sugar industry;
- Confectionery industry;
- Hydrochloric industry.
- Veterinary medicine;
- Objects of medicine.
IFD for carrying out rescue and under abnormal condition-recovery work during liquidation of emergency situations is created on:
- Objects of recycling, storage and burial place of toxic and other dangerous waste;
- The state interregional special industrial complexes "Radon";
- Objects of systems against landslide and protection of territories against flooding;
- Objects of a zone of alienation and zone of unconditional (obligatory) eviction;
- Objects registered in the State register of potentially dangerous objects.
IFD for restoration of objects of life-support systems of the population and transport communications is created on:
- Objects of power;
- Objects of an oil and gas complex;
- Objects of atomic engineering;
- Objects of the enterprises of the nuclear industry;
- Objects of research and design establishments of nuclear power;
- Objects a meliorative complex;
- Objects of a road economy;
- Objects of an air transportation;
- Objects of sea transport;
- Objects of the National commission concerning communication regulation;
- Objects of communication;
- Objects of the enterprises, subordinated to National bank of Ukraine;
- Objects of a railway transportation/


IFD for safety of documents on objects of a cultural heritage and the information on cultural values it is created on:
- Historical objects;
- Objects of monumental art;
- Objects of architecture and town-planning;
- Objects natural - reserved fund of Ukraine;
- Scientific objects which represent national property;
- Objects of Museum fund of Ukraine;
- Unique documents of National archival fund of Ukraine.